Sport coaches recommend keeping a varied exercise routine for best results. This is because the benefits you enjoy from one form of exercise can help you realize more success with another activity. Pilates, for example, provides a range of benefits for runners. Here’s a guide to the various advantages detailing why the two programs are ideal together.

Learn to Control Breathing

Pilates classes teach students to master the way they breathe, as breath is essential to performing the movements properly. You’ll learn to engage your diaphragm and fully expand your lungs, practicing it until it’s second nature. This will help you maintain your oxygen input while running, using your breath to power your movement rather than feeling as though you can’t catch your breath.

Reduce the Risk of Injury

Pilates strengthens muscles throughout the body so they help support your joints. This is critical for runners who place a lot of strain on their ankles, knees, and hips during workouts. Routine Pilates practice helps correct alignment of the joints, such as the ankle, knee and hip, as well as the scapula and ribcage.  Pilates helps balance the strength and flexibility of the muscles about the joints, scapula and ribcage to help them stay aligned. This improves stability and overall biomechanics or efficiency. Pilates also improves deep circulation and delivers critical nutrients to both the muscles and joints, reducing stiffness and tension. The next time you go out for a run, you’ll feel stronger and more stable, minimizing the risk of future injuries.

Improve Endurance

Pilates instructors teach athletes to control every movement with intention. By continuing Pilates, you’ll be able to keep your core muscles engaged throughout exercise and maintain proper form even as you tire. By maintaining better posture and keeping your joints flexible, you’ll have a fluid stride that boosts your endurance. This will help you run longer and faster than before.

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