Whether you’re a weekend warrior or professional athlete, it’s wise to add Pilates to your training routine. While there are 34 original poses, this form of exercise has evolved to encompass all kinds of dynamic movements that are designed to strengthen the entire body. Although everyone can benefit from visiting a Pilates studio regularly, here are a few reasons why it’s especially advantageous for athletes.

Why All Athletes Should Do Pilates

Better Balance

There’s not a single sport that doesn’t demand some level of balance, coordination, and flexibility to achieve peak performance. Fortunately, going to a Pilates studio regularly will enhance all of the above. Because it improves posture and increases core strength, Pilates contributes to better balance over time. This is one of the biggest reasons why it’s often recommended to seniors as a low-impact form of exercise, but athletes can benefit from better balance, too.

Improved Focus

Performing various Pilates exercises correctly demands total concentration. You must focus on the positioning of your body and your breath. This will gradually make it easier to focus on the relationship between moving and breathing when doing other activities. And whether you’re a tennis player, surfer, or golfer, knowing how to control your breath will help you master the sport.

More Strength

Depending on which moves you do, Pilates can provide a full-body workout. This will strengthen all your muscles over time, including those that you don’t use when playing your sport of choice. In other words, Pilates can serve as low-impact cross-training, and doing it frequently will improve your game and reduce sprains, strains, and overuse injuries.

Harmony Pilates & Physical Therapy in Kailua and Manoa is proud to cater to all athletes on Oahu. The specialists rely on both Pilates classes and physical therapy practices to help you improve your game. Whether you’re recovering from a sports injury or trying to prevent one, you can count on their physical therapists and instructors for quality and attentive care. Visit their website to view their class schedule, or call (808) 373-2129 to book an PT appointment or learn more about Pilates.

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