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Physical Therapy

Harmony Pilates & Physical Therapy offers rehabilitation and physical therapy services for a variety of conditions, located in Kailua and Honolulu, Manoa Marketplace. You will see a licensed physical therapist for your evaluation, and continue your treatment with regular re-evaluations as necessary. Each appointment is one on one with a physical therapist in a quiet environment, allowing our therapists to focus only on your progress.

Physical therapy can address sports injuries, strained muscles, pain, pre-natal and post-partum pregnancy issues, surgical recovery, difficulty walking, and balance issues. Our licensed physical therapists have over 40 years of clinical experience and are all trained in Pilates. They are able to evaluate and treat you according to your needs.

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Our therapists are trained and specialize in a variety of physical therapy modalities, including:

Pilates (mat and equipment)
Manual therapy techniques
Sports performance
Dance injuries
Spinal and postural alignment
Core strengthening
Balance problems
Pre-natal and post-partum issues
Childhood and teenage injuries

We accept and participate with most insurance policies in Hawaii, including:

HMSA Quest
Tricare Standard and Prime
Worker’s Compensation

Our Physical Therapists

Karen Sebastian
Karen earned her Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Boston University in 1996 and then completed her Pilates training under Marie-Jose Blom in 2001. She has experience in many areas of rehabilitation, including neurological, acute care and orthopedics, and she has a special interest in women's pelvic floor issues such as incontinence and postpartum rehab. She works in partnership with her patients using a "whole-body" approach to help you meet your fitness and rehabilitation goals.
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Jen McFarland
Jen McFarland received her Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of Toronto in 2006. She has been a Nationally Certified Pilates teacher since 2012 and received her training through Polestar Pilates. Jen worked in orthopedic settings in British Columbia, Nevada, and Colorado before settling on Oahu with her husband 5 years ago. Jen has completed numerous orthopedic continuing education courses and has extensive experience treating shoulder, knee and spine injuries. She also enjoys working with both pregnant and post-partum clients. Jen combines her manual therapy techniques with Pilates’ exercises to ensure a comprehensive rehabilitation experience. In her spare time, she loves hiking, surfing, beach walks and swimming with her two young daughters.
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Diana-Marisol Najera-Lin
Diana brings a rich and diverse experience in the fields of general physical therapy, orthopedics, and sports medicine. Diana obtained her undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Education from the University of California in Irvine. Her physical therapy career began with an athletic training and sports medicine internship at mount San Antonio College. While attending University, she worked with a variety of UC Irvine athletes, including those from football, basketball, soccer, swimming, and dancing teams. She received a doctorate of physical therapy from Western University of Health Sciences, CA. She had the honor of being on UC Irvine's Dean's List in 2001 and 2002, the Nation's Dean's List in 2002, and received the Kaiser Permanente Health Care Career Scholarship in 2004. In her 11 years of practice as Physical Therapy, Diana continues to build on her strong foundation. She has developed her skills in the field of orthopedics and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. One of her highlights includes working with the China Olympic Team for the 2012 -2013 winter season. Diana continues to support the profession and helps shape the future of physical therapy by mentoring students in California and Hawaii as a certified clinical instructor. Diana looks forward to integrating Pilates with her Physical Therapy techniques here at Harmony.
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Kristi Weiss
Kristi bring extensive experience in orthopedics, manual therapy and nuerologic conditions to the clinic. Kristi received her degree in physical therapy from the University of Florida in 1992 and went on to earn her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from AT Still University of Health Sciences, Arizona in 2015. Since relocating to Oahu in 2005, Kristi has worked primarily in an outpatient setting training the full range of orthopedic conditions as well as gait and balance disorders. Kristi believes that addressing each client’s specific treatment goals and providing effective patient education are essential for achieving the best therapeutic outcome.
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Leah Lau
Leah received her doctorate in Physical Therapy degree from Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY. While in school, she was introduced to Functional Manual Therapy (FMT). Functional Manual Therapy carries a philosophy that resonates strongly with Leah: every individual has “untapped potential” whether that’s as an elite athlete or wanting to move around without pain. While FMT is the foundation of Leah’s practice, she also specializes in Pelvic and Women’s Health, Orthopedic, Neurologic and sports rehabilitation in addition to providing guidance for lifelong wellness.
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Where do I start?2019-04-09T15:54:29-10:00

If you have an injury or a prescription for physical therapy from your doctor, contact us to set up your first appointment and find out about insurance coverage. To start Pilates classes, click on our class schedule, find the class you want and sign up. You will be prompted to create an account and purchase a class package or membership. If you’d like to try first we have a $10 trial class for new clients only!
Keep in mind if you are new to Pilates and have never used the reformer, we highly suggest you take a beginner’s evaluation so we can help you choose the appropriate class. Private Pilates sessions may be recommened to address specific needs and fitness goals. Please complete the Contact form to schedule a beginner’s evaluation or Private sessions.

What is physical therapy and do I need it?2019-04-09T15:40:11-10:00

Physical Therapy is a medical service covered by insurance that helps you rehabilitate from acute or chronic injuries. It usually occurs after a specific injury or surgical procedure, but oftentimes will be done years after an injury. If you are having pain or physical problems, you will benefit from physical therapy. If you aren’t sure physical therapy is right for you or don’t have a doctor to ask for a referral to physical therapy, contact us and we can help.

Do I need a prescription for physical therapy?2019-04-09T15:36:06-10:00

Hawaii is a direct access state, which means that legally you do need a prescription or a referral from a doctor to start physical therapy. However, most insurances require that you have one. It is best to check with your insurance. If you aren’t sure how to obtain a prescription, Contact Us and we will help.

Why should I have physical therapy at Harmony?2019-04-09T15:32:13-10:00

At Harmony Pilates & Physical Therapy, you will see only a licensed physical therapist – never an aide or assistant. Our therapists have over 40 years of combined experience, and are trained in manual therapy, sports injuries, balance issues, prenatal conditions, post-operative rehabilitation, and many other areas. Every appointment is an hour long, and treatments are focused on your specific rehabilitation needs. We work closely with your doctor sending them an initial evaluation and progress reports to include them in your care. We work with many physicians, osteopaths, chiropractors and other health professionals across Honolulu and all of Oahu, and take most insurance plans.

Will insurance cover my physical therapy at Harmony Pilates & Physical Therapy?2019-04-09T15:27:09-10:00

Yes! We accept most insurance plans for physical therapy, and will work with your insurance to find out your coverage and if there is any prior authorization required. Many insurance plans have a copay that you will be responsible for and a possible deductible. Copays vary depending on your insurance plan. Your insurance will be able to tell you your exact deductible or copay. Currently we do not accept AlohaCare or Kaiser for physical therapy.

Will I do Pilates during physical therapy?2019-04-09T15:55:41-10:00

All of our physical therapists are trained in Pilates and will be able to use the Pilates equipment for your therapy when it is appropriate. Pilates is not the only thing we do in physical therapy, we also use traditional physical rehabilitation techniques and modalities.

What if I have an injury or health issue?2019-04-09T14:50:21-10:00

Pilates was actually first developed as a rehabilitation and physical therapy tool. It is ideal for injury recovery in that you will strengthen muscles while protecting your body and relearning proper movement patterns. If you feel limited in your injury, we recommend starting with the Beginner’s Evaluation. Some private Pilates sessions will help focus on your specific needs and can prepare you to join classes. If feel ready to try a class, you may want to start with the Pilates Equipment Basics or the Therapeutic Pilate’s classes. Contact Us Call us if you aren’t sure where to start! You may want to consider starting with Physical Therapy as it can address the specific injury or health condition and can prepare you for Pilates classes.

What should I bring and/or wear?2019-04-09T15:56:39-10:00

Wear comfortable clothes to move in. For women we suggest exercise pants or short, sports bra and t-shirt/tank and for men we suggest exercise pants or shorts and a t-shirt. No need for sports shoes in Pilates! We suggest wearing Pilates’ toe socks they have sticky pads on the bottom so you won’t slide on the equipment. We have them available for purchase. Socks also keep your feet, the equipment and studio clean and sanitary. For physical therapy, please wear clothes that allow us to get to the injured area.

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