Manoa Studio: Saturdays at 11:00AM
Kailua Studio: Thursdays at 5:30PM

Private & Semi-Private Sessions are also available by appointment.

Would you like to feel more spring in your feet? And more flexible in your spine? How about easing tension in your neck and shoulders? Do you have an achy back that you’d like to improve? What about a clicky jaw? Are you interested in some exercises to improve the hips and benefit the bladder? We will work on all that and more in my Pilates & Bodywork class at Harmony Pilates & Physical Therapy!

I’ll reveal some simple self-treatment techniques that just take a few minutes and can also be done at home (or the office or on vacation). Each class will be just a bit different with themes (like neck and shoulder, hips and back, hands and feet). I’ll explain why these short exercises work along with ways to find long-lasting ease of movement and a spring in your step.

Classes will feature a variety of props; Osteopathic tools, various balls, bands, Pilates circles, a foam roller and the jump board. Some classes will reveal Myofascial Release Techniques. And others will include Franklin Method® — which teaches you how to FEEL your body, BREATHE and MOVE in a more functional way. It’s based in anatomy and osteopathic sciences. Treatment techniques will be combined with exercises on the Pilates Equipment (Cadillac/Tower and Reformer). While you might use your hands at times, it’s not massage therapy training. This is an exercise class! You will get strengthening work while you learn release techniques and ease of movement.

Read more here with these links if you’re interested in learning more about how other Body Work such as Graston Technique® and Haase Medical Myotherapy® with a trained Therapist can help you further. This can be relevant if you have a common complaint in the foot, wrist, elbow, etc. or if you are looking to prevent injury in your favorite sport. You can email info@harmonypilates.com to learn more.

By Lahela Hekekia
Pilates Method Alliance, Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher
Franklin Method® Level 3 Movement Educator
Licensed Massage Therapist (MAT#6286, NCBTMB #307766-00)
Certified Medical Myotherapist
Certified Graston Technique® Specialist

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