After sustaining an injury or pulling a muscle, physical therapy is an excellent way to rehabilitate and regain strength and flexibility. While Pilates is often considered a method of exercise to increase core strength and re-pattern muscle activity, many physical therapists embrace and integrate these movements into their practice. If you’re curious about the harmonious relationship between Pilates and physical therapy, here’s some helpful insight to review.

Understanding How Pilates Is Used Within Physical Therapy Practice

How Does Pilates Help With Rehabilitation?  While Pilates is a popular form of group exercise, the movements originally developed by Joseph Pilates were geared towards rehabilitating injured or ill individuals. These movements were adapted to help professional dancers heal from injury and prevent further injury. Since the exercises involved with Pilates sessions are typically performed lying down, on a reformer, and using your own body weight, it’s an excellent method to heal muscles, restore joint movement, and build muscle safely.

How Can a Physical Therapist Incorporate These Movements Into Your Sessions?

Many physical therapists opt to expand their rehabilitation offerings by training to be a Pilates instructor.

They can utilize the genius of the Pilates method by adding Pilates-specific movements performed on the reformer or a mat to provide clients with a well-rounded healing session. Physical therapy is a one-on-one appointment that include both Pilates and traditional physical therapy. If appropriate you may be recommended to  participate in group Pilates classes to bolster flexibility, build core strength, and restore spinal alignment as a way to maximize recovery.

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