Pilates is a type of low-impact exercise that utilizes targeted movements to improve posture, increase strength and flexibility. A one-on-one class provided by a private instructor is an ideal way for first-timers or those graduating from physical therapy to get acclimated to these challenging and fulfilling workouts as it offers several benefits.

More Attention

Group Pilates classes are wonderful, however the instructor must pay attention to all clients, which doesn’t allow them to focus in on clients that may require more individualized attention. A group setting can be challenging for new students as without individual attention they may develop poor habits. In a private session, your instructor will provide their full attention to your form and performance of movement and will identify and correct problematic habits. This will lead to improved performance and better results your Pilates practice.

Less Intimidating

Newcomers might feel shy, especially if they’re joining a class with a large group of seasoned exercisers. One-on-one instruction removes the intimidation, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn the routines at your own pace. You can also feel free to ask as many questions as you need, which isn’t always easy in a group setting.

Faster Results

If you’re striving towards a stronger, more flexible and healthier you, personalized attention usually expedites the process as you’ll receive tailored guidance to working your muscles properly and have a coach who’ll push your limits. The undivided attention from your instructor will help you quickly progress through exercises, allowing you to advance at a faster pace.

If you’re ready to try a private session, contact Harmony Pilates & Physical Therapy in Honolulu or Kailua, HI. These professionals offer individual and group Pilates lessons for all skill levels and have years of experience helping Oahu residents realize their fitness goals. They also offer physical therapy for people experiencing chronic pain or recovering from a sports injury. View their class schedule complete the contact form or call (808) 373-2129 to inquire about starting Pilates or scheduling a Physical therapy appointment.

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