As you get older, it can be more difficult to stay fit the same way you used to. Activities like running, weightlifting, and contact sports can be hard on your knees, back, and heart, but staying physically active is still one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy long-term. If you’re looking for an exercise program you can do at any level in life, Pilates equipment classes offer incredible benefits to the body and are a safe way to stay fit.

Low-Impact Exercise Is Easy on the Joints

Low impact exercise improves strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health without being hard on your knees or back. This makes Pilates an excellent choice for seniors or those who have recently experienced an injury or are recovering from surgery. With Pilates classes on the reformer, you work with the resistance of the springs. This equipment helps position the body so that you can exercise with resistance and full range of motion in a pain-free way. Pilates can also help with weight loss and improve overall health and wellness

Improve Bone & Joint Health

Pilates helps with muscle strength and flexibility while still being gentle on the body. The focus on the elongation and alignment of the spine with the pelvis, hips, and shoulders improves posture and can make daily activities such as bending, reaching, and standing easier. If you have more serious bone problems such as osteoporosis, ask your Pilates instructor about exercise modifications to best meet your needs in a safe and effective way.

Improves Overall Strength & Balance

Some mature bodies may have difficulties standing upright for long periods, distributing weight evenly on both feet, or walking at a steady pace. Pilates equipment classes improve balance and posture by targeting the abdominals, back, arms and legs to strengthen the entire body and especially the core.

The primary muscles of the core include the diaphragm, transverse abdominis, multifidus, and pelvic floor or the muscular base of your pelvis. All of these muscles are the deep closest to the vertebrae, pelvis and ribcage and some span long distances, such as the multifidus running from the base of the skull, along the vertebrae to the sacrum.  When the core is toned it helps keep you stable and standing upright.  Strengthening the core not only improves balance, but it also improves posture and alignment which reduces stress and strain on the joints.

Stay healthy and fit the safe way with Harmony Pilates & Physical Therapy in Honolulu and Kailua. The kind and compassionate staff use a unique combination of Pilates and physical therapy to help you get back to a healthier, happier you. With various Pilates equipment classes or private Pilates sessions offered throughout the week and weekends, there’s always a convenient time to suit your schedule. Visit the website for a full class schedule and learn more about the healing benefits of Pilates. Call (808) 373-2129 to schedule a Pilates Beginners Evaluation, Private or Semi-private Pilates session(s) or start with Physical Therapy before beginning Pilates.

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